Party at Possession.

In true Kingston fashion, we hosted a party at our new home just one short hour after we took possession. It was the perfect way to celebrate my 27th birthday, our 6th wedding anniversary, and moving into our new home. This is my sweet nephew Beckham taking the first jump into our new pool. He had been asking for a month to do this and I think it lived up to his expectation.

beck first jump into pool

Of course, I couldn’t wait to start on our home makeover. After the crowd had gone, one of my closest friends volunteered to stay up late that night to help get us started. We were up until 2:00 AM white washing the kitchen ceiling (slatted wood), painting the kitchen walls, and painting the lower half of the dining room. We enjoyed milkshakes, catching up, and laughing a lot. Jarrod and Kaili – you’re rock stars for putting up with my crazy that night! Thanks for helping make it feel a little more like home from the beginning.

before after kitchen-01

In the kitchen, we also replaced both light fixtures and did A LOT of cleaning. I did a lot of research on what colors of gray look best with stained wood; I went with Benjamin Moore’s Smoke Embers and it turned out well. Projects still left in the kitchen: update/fix some cabinets, replace the countertops, replace the backsplash, and replace the flooring.

before after dining-02.png

In the dining room, we replaced the light fixture, painted the bottom half Smoke Embers like the kitchen, and the top Benjamin Moore’s Gray Mist. You’ll see both of these colors often in our home. I am OBSESSED with Gray Mist. It really is a great warm white that goes perfectly with stained wood. The dining photo that says ‘after’ is actually mid progress considering we have a new buffet, dining table, chairs, bench, and decorations since this photo. There’s your cliff hanger for another blog!

Just a few short hours after we wrapped up painting began the process of cleaning and moving in. We are in debt to our countless many friends and family who came to help us that day. I counted over 30 man hours of cleaning in our house that morning (the good Lord knows it needed it!) before we began the move in.


Beck helped Chuck and Colette (Jarrod’s parents) put together our guest bed which was very sweet of them. We are so thankful for our community!

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