I love creating experiences and memories for people, both at work and at home. It’s a gift I truly believe came from my Savior. My love for hosting and entertaining is one of the many reasons I fell in love with the Suavity on Gordon. The house was just simply made for hosting. This past weekend we shuffled over 75 people through our house and it was just like a dream.

There’s a group of young adults off the downtown square in Liberty that have tried really hard over the last year to make it feel more like a strong community. It really is so special and unique, we feel so thankful to be a part of it! On Friday night, we had the privilege of participating in their second annual progressive dinner. We traveled to five different homes for different courses throughout the evening enjoying good company, food, and drinks. It was really fun seeing the other old homes throughout the night.

progressive dinner-04.png

We hosted the main course at our house for somewhere around 36 people. It was so wonderful to have so many new friends around our tables. What did we serve, you ask? Great question. My brother smoked four pork butts so we could have pulled pork sliders; yes, he is the absolute best! And in case you’re wondering if that was enough food – it was entirely too much. We’ll be eating pork for a while! Then there were several other people that helped by bringing potato casserole, jalapeño mac and cheese, drinks, and paper goods. Photo creds to Chanda.

progressive dinner-03.png

On Saturday, a handful of ladies from our old small group came over for brunch. We had so much fun catching up and enjoying some delicious food. That night, we went on a double date with some of our dear friends. Of course, I forgot to take pictures which I suppose makes me a bad blogger?

While the house was picked up and in show mode, we hosted an Open House on Sunday to provide our friends an opportunity to come over and see our home that haven’t been able to make it by yet. It was a wonderful afternoon catching up with old friends and mentors; they were all great reminders of how truly blessed we are to be surrounded by so many that love us so well. We had over 35 people make it through the house in two hours, so we were busy giving tours and sharing our house dreams to take pictures (at least that’s my excuse).

austin the dog trainer-05.png

I did manage to snap a few of our friends son, Austin, teaching our dogs tricks during the Open House. He has a ‘tricks book’ that he keeps at home so that he can continually invest in their learning. He’s hilariously enthusiastic about training our pups; he and Jarrod are two peas in a pod.

christmas lights-06.png

To cap off our weekend, we drove around and looked at Christmas lights with my family in south KC. For recommendations, check out

We survived my hostaholic weekend and now we plan to enjoy a (hopefully) quiet evening at home.

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