The Story of a Miraculous Little Peanut

The past couple of years have been full of ups and downs, mountains and valleys, celebrations and heartache. Through every season, the Lord has been gracious to us. He has led us gently and surrounded us with a strong and encouraging community.

After Brighton’s loss, we took a few months to heal (physically and emotionally); by the fall, we were ready to start trying again. We knew the struggles we would likely face again with infertility but trusted the Lord to bring us through. Brighton’s due date passed, Christmas was spent without a little one, and the new year began.

Our church kicked off 2016 with a series titled “You Need a Miracle” where we walked through many of the miracles of Jesus; throughout the series, we prayed. Despite my blood work telling us that my treatments weren’t working like they were supposed to, we tried desperately to hang onto the miracles of Jesus.

Miracles Logo.png

On February 5th, we were having dinner with our friends Tim & Randi Overby. It was a wonderful night of fellowship; they spent some time just specifically praying over us for a miracle. I felt so encouraged and full of hope, this month was going to be the month. That next Monday, February 8th, my doctor called and let me know that my bloodwork again had come back low and that she’d like to recommend that I begin seeing a specialist. Hurt and  confused, we trudged through the week just praying that science was wrong. We needed a miracle.

In Jesus’ power, science was wrong. He made me different and science can’t predict me, apparently. That Saturday, February 13th we found out that we were pregnant with a sweet, miraculous little peanut. We spent the next week shocking our family, friends, and my nurse with our wonderful news. It was precious, sharing tears and shouts of joy with those that we hold most dear. We’re beyond thrilled to be expecting a new superhero in our family on October 23rd, just in time to wear his or her first halloween costume!

Super Heroes & Brick Wall.JPG

Peanut has been growing well, even overachieving at our last sonogram three weeks ago. Surrendering our anxieties, our fears, has been a choice we’ve been facing daily. This time, we’re much more aware that each day we have with peanut is precious. We know we are not guaranteed to meet him/her on this earth.

Tomorrow, we hit 12 weeks, wrap up our first trimester, and wait eagerly for our next appointment to hopefully hear a little patter of a heartbeat. 12 weeks was when we found out that we lost Brighton last year, so this milestone is filled with both joy and fear.

Whatever the outcome, we continue to stand firm in our faith: God is good. He is faithful. He is our Cornerstone.

God is...chalk art

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