Staches or Lashes: Baby K’s Gender Reveal Party

Sunday truly was a dream. When you walk through infertility and miscarriage, your heart wonders if you’ll ever get to experience all the woes and joys that pregnancy brings. My heart feared another loss before we could ever make it to finding out if our baby would be a boy or girl. Thank be to God, He led us there!

We chose to not find out the gender during our sonogram so that we could find out with some of our closest family and friends that have supported us on this long journey. A majority selected staches as the gender over lashes. Of course, Jarrod and I had no preference; we’re just thrilled to be growing a healthy little human that the doctors say is already a very active little one in my belly!

gender reveal blog-02.png

Needless to say, squeals and screams echoed through our yard as blue and green paper shreds but all I really remember is watching the joy in Jarrod’s eyes (and fist pump!). We enjoyed hugging on and celebrating with those we hold so dear afterward, taking family photos with the grandparents and great grandparents, and talking about how full my hands were going to be with two boys this fall (Jarrod + the baby).

I congratulated one of my sweet friend’s kids, Austin, on correctly guessing the gender. He responded, “I’m experienced in this kind of thing, Ms. Brittni!” So if you’re in need of an expert opinion on your baby’s gender, just give Austin a shout.


I found the theme Staches and Lashes on Pinterest and fell in love with the idea. I used ideas from Pinterest and Etsy to design my branding then developed the banner, sign, and facebook event cover photo. I ordered the staches and lashes pins from Etsy (she can do custom colors) and everyone got to make their pick once they arrived at the party.

I ordered the cookies from Hy-Vee and they were delicious! My mom and mother-in-law helped out by bringing fruit and drinks for everyone. I found a navy-ish plastic tablecloth and coral napkins on Amazon that matched the theme colors while I picked up the mint green plates from Target.

I took our sealed envelope from our OB to Party City 24 hours in advance, purchased pink/red paper shreds and blue/green paper shreds, and they took it from there. They filled the black balloon with the appropriate color and I had a friend pick up the balloon for me just an hour before the party. If you’re interested in doing this at some point, I would ask the vendor to stuff the balloon with a full bag of paper shreds; it would definitely make it more fun!

gender reveal blog-01

The weather was BEAUTIFUL outside which was great because I don’t think Jarrod wouldn’t have been too thrilled about popping a confetti balloon inside our house. We set out giant jenga (made with cut up 2×4’s), corn hole, and the food/drinks outside in our backyard for friends and family to hang out before and after the reveal.

Our sweet and talented friend Jessie from Jessie Ann Photography kindly took a few photos for us to commemorate the day. She’s who I plan to take our maternity and newborn photos later this year, she’s amazing! A few of our former students who are now in college came and took video; we’ll be sure to highlight that in a few weeks when it’s ready!

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