A Nursery Nestled in the Woods of Gratefulness

What a blessed journey the past five months have been since our last blog post. We have so many things we could share but instead we have been snuggled up with our sweet little Bear (learn about his name here), soaking up every second we can before he grows up too fast.

Today, I wanted to share more about Bear’s sweet little nursery that feels like it’s nestled away in the woods. It’s our new favorite room in our home and every moment in it is special. To me, it represents a huge answer to so many prayers. When I look around his room, I see the faces and hear the prayers of our community that poured out so much to us the last several years. It’s a sweet place to rock my babe every day. To accomplish this nursery, we channeled our spirit animals, Chip and Joanna Gaines, and got to work.

Every original exterior wall to our home is beautiful brick hiding behind a half inch of plaster. I’m slowly convincing Jarrod to expose some of them as we renovate different rooms. Before it was Bear’s nursery, Jarrod used it as his home office. About a year ago, we discovered that the heating unit in our attic was leaking and had completely ruined the plaster on the two interior walls (as well as some ceiling damage). The plaster had to be knocked off both walls and I lovingly convinced Jarrod that shiplap would be the best replacement option. Thankfully while he was knocking down the two interior walls, he just kept going and knocked it off the brick too. Thanks to Jared & Andy for helping with those demo days!

I enjoyed piecing together every detail together to create a magical place for us to create memories with our boy. The grey armoire is a family heirloom piece from Jarrod’s family that needed some repairs; I decided to paint it Woolen Stockings in Valspar’s Chalky Finish Paint. The doors were in pretty bad shape and Jarrod ended up adding some trim pieces to the doors to help it look a little fancier. The changing table is also a family heirloom from Jarrod’s family  that I actually redid for Brighton’s nursery in 2015 prior to our miscarriage. I refinished the top and then white washed the bottom in Her Dainties in Valspar’s Chalky Finish Paint. The other piece in Bear’s nursery that I made for Brighton is the sign above his crib.

A pain point for a lot of us in decorating a space is that curtains are so dang expensive. I believe in floor to ceiling curtains because it makes your space look and feel so much bigger. I also needed a matching curtain to go over the glass portion of the door to the upstairs play/sun room. I wanted something simple since there are already a lot of patterns going on in the room – brick, shiplap lines, the rug, bedding, changing pad cover, etc. So I ventured down to Lowe’s, picked up some drop cloth, and begged my best friend (and awesome photographer!) Jessie to help me sew some together. After she basically sewed the curtains under my not so helpful supervision, I took a triangle stencil pattern and sponge painted a section black. Voila! Curtains for less than $40.

Of course, a couple of my most favorite items in the nursery are handmade by friends or family. My aunt Marcha kindly made the beautiful cross stitched teepees, arrows, mountains, and alphabet to perfectly match his room. I’ll forever treasure these special pieces of art she made for him. My other favorite handmade item in his room is the large piece of wood that has a Bear burned into it by our friends Brian and Jaclyn.


The other critical piece of preparation (in addition to prayer) that we did for Bear, was start reading a couple books. There’s a billion books out there on how to keep a kid alive and sleeping and whatever else, but we both felt it was most valuable to prepare our hearts to raise our Bear Biblically. We picked out ‘Praying Circles Around Your Children’ by Mark Batterson and ‘Sacred Parenting’ by Gary Thomas. Both are MOST excellent and we would highly recommend them.

The 411 on all the things:

  • Trim & Shiplap Paint Color – Sherwin Williams Alabaster (eggshell – in Valspar Reserve)
  • Crib –Target
  • Rug – Target
  • Copper Baskets – Amazon
  • Ceiling Light Fixture – Lowe’s (can’t seem to find a link – sorry!)
  • Wall Sconces – Amazon
  • Rocker – Nebraska Furniture Mart
  • Wooden B – Harp Design Co.
  • Metal B & Walk Humbly Metal Sign – Magnolia Market
  • Galvanized Shelves – Decor Steals
  • Metal Bear head, Bear & Fox Signs, Canoe, Explore Sign, Feather Canvas, TeePee Prints, Orr – Hobby Lobby
  • Tree Limbs – Our Backyard
  • Lath Picture Frames – Behind our Walls
  • Shiplap – Home Depot 
  • Curtains – Drop Cloth from Lowe’s + Triangle Stencil
  • TeePee Garland – Artifanhas Etsy Shop
  • Photography (most of it on this page) – Jessie Ann

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