On our sixth wedding anniversary, August 15, 2015, my husband (Jarrod) and I closed on our dream home. We are struck by its’ beauty and incredible 160 years of history. It’s old, quirky, and breathtaking. I still pinch myself sometimes when I drive up to our house to make sure I’m not dreaming.

Gordon House

When the Honorable Thomas C. Gordon, the family’s patriarch, passed away in 1866, the Liberty Tribune wrote, “…the suavity and dignity of his manners gained him the respect and attention of all with whom he was thrown.”  Thus begins our journey with the Suavity on Gordon and we hope you join us as we resurrect life into our home and create new memories here.

We’re Jarrod and Brittni. One of us is the creative dreamer while the other helps make the dreams a reality. Brittni has an knack for planning and hosting, spending time with friends/family, spoiling her nephew, and sharing how the Lord is working in her. Jarrod loves to make (ridiculous) dubsmash videos, playing with power tools, enjoying nephew time, watching the Jayhawks win, hanging with friends, and loving on students.

6 thoughts on “About.

  1. I’d been wondering where the “Suavity” came from…now I get it! Really glad our paths have crossed and look forward to getting to know you and Jarrod better!


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